Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Might Be Moving to Canada

You can’t get farther away from Kensington Palace than Canada, right?!

According to a source at Us Weekly, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are considering a move to Canada, which is part of the Commonwealth so technically it’d be like moving in with one of Britain’s relatives.

Of course, Meghan lived in Toronto for years so it wouldn’t be a culture shock.

The insuder said the move “is an option,” adding that “Meghan and Harry are considering it for the future.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are having a ball raising 5-month-old Archie in Frogmore Cottage.

“The cottage is much more private,” a source told Us Weekly earlier this year, saying that the family is “very happy” with their new home.

“[Meghan] really likes living in Windsor,” another added. “It’s much less complicated to have friends visit and feels less claustrophobic than Kensington Palace.”

Well, well, well! Now all we’re imagining is what kind of accent little Archie is going to grow up speaking — British or Canadian?!

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