James Van Der Beek Opens Up About His Wife Having Miscarriages

The beautiful James Van Der Beek is going to be a dad for the sixth time! We can’t wait for the little one to arrive.

Yesterday, the actor and Dancing with the Stars contestant got deep in the latest episode, opening up about how his wife Kimberly suffered a number of miscarriages before the pregnancy.

During Monday night’s episode of DWTS, he told People magazine that revealing the news on the show was “thrilling.”

“We’ve had a few appointments where we found out we were not adding to our family and so Kimberly decided to do it on camera, to open it up and allow people to go through the experience — good result or not good result,” he said.

“It’s a part of life,” he continued. “It really helps to go through when you have the support of friends and family. People so often go through it in secret. You need to allow yourself space to grieve and go through it. For us, we walked out incredibly happy and excited.”

We love you, James! And your glorious wife.

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