Kaitlynn Carter Speaks Out About Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson

After Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were caught kissing last week, the singer would not stop posting thirsty photos of Cody. This weekend, she even went on a rant about dating in the public eye. 

Furthermore, Cody posted a photo kissing Miley’s forehead and calling her “baby” on social media. Miley responded to the photo by sharing photos of herself as an actual baby… 

Yep, we’re not joking.  

This is all a bit surprising given that Miley only separated from her husband Liam Hemsworth a few months ago, and she broke up with her fling, Kaitlynn Carter, just two weeks ago. 

According to TMZ, Kaitlynn is “not bothered” by Miley’s public affair with Cody, however, “Kaitlynn has expressed concern over Miley’s behavior to friends” and “she’s worried for her well-being.”

Eek! Well one rebound is something — but two? and now three? Perhaps Miley is doing some well-needed research. 

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