Universal Theme Park Employee Fired After Doing a White Power Symbol In a Photo

This would never have happened in Disney World…

A young actor working at Universal Studios was fired after it was discovered they made the white power “OK” symbol while posing with two children. That sign is widely recognized as a symbol of hate and was added to the Anti-Defamation League’s “Hate on Display” hate symbol database in September.

The mother of two biracial kids, Tiffiney Zinger, told USA Today that her family was vacationing at the Orlando theme park in March and that she and her husband noticed the offensive symbol when they returned home to Colorado.

In the photo, the actor was dressed as Gru from the Despicable Me franchise. Tiffiney’s daughter is standing next to the character, who has their right hand on her shoulder and is forming an upside-down “OK” sign with their fingers.

A spokesman for the park told USA Today that the actor in the photo “no longer works” there.

Are we the only ones who think the park ought to give them free membership for life?!!

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