Oprah Winfrey Won’t Let Her Employees Chew Gum In Front Of Her

If you work at OWN or Harpo Studios, you better opt for mints! 

Oprah Winfrey, the queen of all media, said in a recent sit down interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger that her grandmother used to put gum on her bedpost before going to sleep. As a result, she has a discomforting hatred towards gum. 

“My grandmother actually used to do that and I grew up really afraid of gum. And I have a rule at my company that you cannot chew gum in front of me. It just gives me the creeps,” she said. 

Bob shared his own story about gum, which he wrote in his new book The Ride of a Lifetime, saying that as punishment in school he was forced to scrape gum from underneath the desks.

That’s when Oprah just HAD ENOUGH. “Scraping gum, for me, would be the worst job possible,” she cringed. 

Girl… we feel you. Mints or bust, Oprah. Mints or bust! 

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