Remember When Donald Trump Flirted With Rudy Giuliani in Drag? We Do…

In case you forgot, in 2000 Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag for the annual Inner Circle Show, which is put on by media to poke fun at politicians.  

The clip was first brought back to light in 2016, when Stephen Colbert revisited it. In it, Trump pretends to flirt with Rudy… and it’s kinda ridiculous to look at now. 

“You know, you’re really beautiful,” the president, now 73, said to Rudy as he tried on perfume at a department store counter. After Trump got closer to smell Rudy’s neck, the then-NYC mayor sprayed a scent on his chest area. And you know Trump went in for a whiff. 

“Oh you dirty boy,” Rudy reacted, to which Trump retorted, “Can’t say I didn’t try!”

All we can say is… we wonder if Rudy still has that dress. 

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