Billy Bush Said NBC Knew About Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

The now-infamous Access Hollywood tape, where Donald Trump is heard saying that he “grabs” women “by the p*ssy” was apparently common knowledge at NBC.

In a tease for Gayle King’s sit-down interview with Billy Bush for CBS, the former Access Hollywood host said “everyone” at the network knew about the recording and assured him it wouldn’t be a problem.

“You knew there was a tape,” Gayle said in the clip.

“Everybody did,” he responded, adding, “Oh, well everybody at the network. I was comfortable it wasn’t going to be weaponized.”

Billy added that he was assured his job was safe following the October 2016 release of the tape. “I was told that, ‘You’re good. Don’t worry about it. It’s not you. You didn’t say anything,’” he recalled.

Two days later, he was fired from the Today show.

“Remember, it was — it was leaked on a Friday,” he explained. “And then Sunday morning, I walked out that door, right over there, with my bags to go back to work. And the driver said, ‘I’m sorry, they’ve canceled the car.’ I said, ‘Oh, that must be a mistake.’ Called my lawyer and I said ‘Uh are we OK?’ ‘Nope.’”

Billy’s full interview with Gayle airs Tuesday on CBS This Morning.

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