OMG! Leslie Jones Is Going To Host ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Reboot

As we reported this morning, Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones is quitting the late-night sketch show after five seasons. (Boo!) But now we’re finding out that she’s poised to do a whole list of projects — and we’re SO EXCITED for them!

Deadline revealed that one of the projects is a reboot of the game show Supermarket Sweep, where she’ll be hosting and executive producing.

Apparently major networks like ABC, NBC, and even Netflix, really want the show on their list of programing. And Leslie is the perfect host to bring it to its full potential.

In Supermarket Sweep, contestants race around a supermarket with their shopping cart to collect as many high dollar products as they can within a time limit. The team with the most valuable items in their shopping cart at the end of the race wins.

Can you just imagine Leslie’s high energy skillset as guests race with their carts?! We’re already dying!

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