Geena Davis Admits Under Oath That She Lied To Oprah About Her Marriage

Geena Davis revealed under oath in her nasty marriage lawsuit that she lied to Oprah about her marriage with Reza Jarrahy.

Reza filed for divorce and asked for spousal support and a property split. Geena says they were never married, so he isn’t entitled to either.

The two allegedly tied the knot in 2001, but Geena claims they never got a marriage license and never intended to officially get married.

According to TMZ, in Geena’s deposition she says, “We intended to become married well before I was pregnant … we did not discuss having a false marriage … we intended to become married — to be really married, yes, we did intend that.”

During the deposition, Reza’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, brought up an episode of Oprah.

“You bragged about your marriage to Reza and what a great husband he was, correct?” he asked in reference to an appearance she made on the show. She said she hadn’t seen the episode and didn’t recall specifically, but she assumed his description was correct.

Then Stephen said, “You lied to Oprah?” She responded, “Yes.”

This is getting too messy!

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