Co-Organizer Of Straight Pride Blames Her Gay Son For Ruining Their Relationship


We can’t even believe that Straight Pride is a thing, but it is!

One of the organizers is Mylinda Mason, the mother of gay activist Matthew Mason, has slammed her son for their poor relationship despite confessing to her own homophobic attitudes, as reported by Queerty.

Matthew has criticized the event co-organized by his mother, which is scheduled to take place in Modesto, CA. Now she is lashing out at her son in an NBC News interview.

She basically dismissed her own role in their relationship, saying, “Homosexuals in general pull away from family and friends at some point.”

She added, “All I can say about my son is that I have read a lot of the word ‘hate’ out there and I do not hate my son, I do not like my son, I do not love my son, I adore my son — and I want my son in heaven ultimately with me one day. And so I will remain firm on standing what I believe are biblical family values.”

Mylinda also defended the Straight Pride rally, saying “I think that the word ‘pride’ has been stolen, if you will, or hijacked by the evil one, and I want to say that we are taking pride in our God almighty, in our creator, and in his order.”


Read the full interview HERE.

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