Bethenny Frankel Posts Tribute to Dennis Shields, A Year After His Overdose

Bethenny Frankel wrote a lengthy post this weekend as she recalled waking up on a summer morning with her dogs when her “world crumbled and turned upside down in an instant.”

Dennis Shields and Bethenny had dated on-and-off since 2016. Last year, he was found dead after overdosing on a combination of oxycodone, Vicodin and a sleeping pill in his Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan. He was 51.

“A man Dennis, who I loved and respected, who was in my life for 30 years unexpectedly passed away,” she wrote.

The reality star’s grieving journey was seen on the recent season of Real Housewives of New York as she started filming three weeks after his death.

In the show, she revealed he had proposed to her at one point but she wasn’t quite ready to tie the knot for various reasons, reports Page Six. In one episode, she opened up to a grief counselor and admitted she felt “guilty” about his passing.

“He loved these dogs and the feelings were mutual,” she wrote in the Instagram post about his dogs, Biggy and Smallz. “At times, it seemed like he and they spoke the same language and they were the only ones who understood him,” she added. “He was a loving, sweet, gentle, brilliant, complicated, hilarious, creative and supportive man. He is missed terribly by so many but lives on in his friends and family and furry loved ones.”

Sending you love and light, Bethenny.

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