Aaron Tveit Has A Strong Opinion To The ‘Cats’ Trailer

People have really strong opinions about the Cats trailer, especially Broadway veteran Aaron Tveit, who is currently starring in Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

“I’m really excited to see Cats again,” he told People. “I saw the trailer the other day and the thing that’s always difficult, and it’s the same thing with our adaptation — when you’re taking something from screen to stage or stage to screen, the only way it works is if you find a way to tell the story that works for the media.”

He continued, “So again, the way that they’ve shot Cats, the way that their characters live in that world — the thing I was struck by was their size compared to the world. I mean, there are things like that that you have to find a way to tell the story. And it looks like they’ve done that.”

So he likes it! What did you think of the Cats trailer?

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