Chris Christie Doesn’t Like Any Of The Democratic Candidates

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In a new book by Chris Christie, Let Me Finish, the former governor of New Jersey doesn’t hold back about his opinions on the Trump family as well as the Democratic candidates for president.

“I don’t agree with any of the candidates on anything,” he said to gossip columnist Cindy Adams. “Most have never been on a national stage. They have a hard time dealing with that and trying to look presidential.”

“The Beto guy is ridiculous,” he adds. “And as for Buttigieg, one day I’m in South Bend, Ind. This guy introduces himself. Never saw him before. Never heard of him. He says, ‘Hello, I’m the mayor of South Bend.’ I say, ‘Yeah, great . . . where you headed?’ Who knew who he was?”

“Kamala’s raised her head,” Chris continued. “That means they all go after her. Try to kill her off. Politics always needs an enemy. It’s not what she’ll say. They don’t yet realize the problem’s not what’s outgoing — it’s what’s ingoing.”

As for Andrew Yang: “Please,” he started. “He wants to give every person in the United States money. Told this would cost billions and we’d go broke, he probably said, ‘S - - t, I didn’t do the math.’ ”

On Biden: “We’re dealing with human beings. He’s not disciplined. On the stage at the debate he said, ‘My time is up.’ Hey . . . listen . . . he’s 76.”

Ouch! Tell us how you really feel, Chris.

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