Bella Thorne Comes After Whoopi Goldberg For Naked Photo Comments

Bella Thorne is super pissed at Whoopi Goldberg over comments she made on The View this week.

After Bella chose to release nude photos of herself, alleging she was being threatened by a hacker who said they were going to leak them without her permission, Whoopi criticized celebrities telling them they ought to think twice before taking naked selfies in the first place.

“Dear Whoopi, I have loved u for so long but honestly I’m so displeased and sadden by your response to my leek [sic],” the 21-year-old wrote on her Instagram story along with an emotional video. “Blaming girls for taking the photo in the first place? Is sick and honestly disgusting. So what a girl can’t send her boyfriend that she misses photos of her that are sexy? Things he’s already seen?”

It was a hot topic on The View as well, with many of the ladies on the fence about what proper protocol is with nude photos. But Whoopi stood her ground.

“If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are, don’t take nude pictures of yourself,” Whoopi said at the table. “When they’re hacking you, they’re hacking all of your stuff. So whether it’s one picture or a million pictures, once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud and it’s available for any hacker that wants it. If you don’t know that in 2019, that this is an issue … You cannot be surprised that someone has hacked you, especially if you have stuff on your phone. That’s why they’re hacking you.”

In her video, Bella said to Whoopi: “I hope you’re happy … I can only imagine all of the kids who have their s–t released and then they commit suicide.”

Bella also canceled an upcoming appearance on The View “because I don’t want to be beaten down by a bunch of older women for my body and my sexuality.”

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