The Nun Who Battled Katy Perry In Court Speaks Out

Katy Perry’s court battle with a Catholic nun isn’t over yet.

“I really didn’t like Katy Perry. I’m sure she doesn’t like me,” 81-year-old Sister Rita Callanan told The Post.

It all started when Katy bought a Los Angeles convent, the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in 2015, from the Los Angeles archdiocese for $14.5 million in cash.

According to Sister Rita, the archdiocese had no right to sell the convent because her family of nuns claimed they bought the eight-acre property in 1972. The nun is the only surviving sister of the Order, following the death of her best friend Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, who collapsed and died in court during the early stages of the legal process.

According to reports, the sisters lived in the convent until 2011, when, they allege, the archdiocese forced them to move. The nuns eventually sold the property to businesswoman Dana Hollister in 2015. However, the archdiocese already approved the sale to Katy, and said that the nuns had no right to sell the convent in the first place.

As The Post reports, in 2016, a judge declared the nuns’ sale invalid, and a jury awarded the singer and the archdiocese damages totaling more than $15 million.

Sister Rita has since gone through various medical mishaps and is currently living in a rehab facility. What’s even more surprising is that the convent is now back on the market for $25 million. Apparently, Katy no longer wants the property.

“We asked Dana to buy our property as we didn’t want it to go to Katy Perry. Yes, we put the wheels in motion to sell our property,” Sister Rita told The Post. “Was it legal? Probably not entirely. But it wasn’t legal for Katy Perry to buy [it] either.”

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