Kate Beckinsale Posts Hilarious Text Exchange With Her Daughter, LOL!

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Kate Beckinsale recently shared a text exchange she had with her daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, and to be honest… all mothers can relate.

In the exchange, she asked her daughter if she did cocaine, to which she replied “I’m doing 0 cocaine.” LOL! Well that’s a relief.

“Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?” Kate asked.

“um..??” Lily replied, adding, “i’m doing 0 cocaine. what is happening?? hello??”

Lily added: “I physically couldn’t be doing less cocaine.” Then after a bit of waiting, she wrote: “u can’t send me that and then go silent.”

Kate finally responded: “I had a dream you were and i was so mad,” to which Lily texted back, “You are a LUNATIC.”

Haha! Who can relate to this? A mother’s gotta check in from time to time, right?

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