Lamar Odom Speaks About The Long-Term Impacts Of Drug Addiction

Lamar Odom overdosed in a Las Vegas brothel three years ago, and since that time he claims to have experienced long-term impacts. Recently, the former NBA star spoke to People magazine about what life has been like since that near-fatal day.

“I have horrible memory loss,” he said. “And my long-term memory was affected as well. Athletically, my balance is poo,” adding, “I was shocked how weak my body became.”

He also writes about his experience with drug addiction in his new memoir Darkness to Light.

 “On Tuesday morning, I lay on the floor in my room at the Ranch, dying,” he writes, according to an excerpt from People. “My body was convulsing. The women who kept me company screamed and called 911. I was taken to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. There was an unholy concoction of cocaine, cognac and cannabis coursing through my veins. My heart stopped twice. I had twelve seizures and six strokes. My lungs collapsed and my kidneys ruptured. I was on life support. Everyone I’d ever loved was looking at me through bleary eyes.”

Such a captivating story. Read more of Lamar’s statement at People.

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