Lisa Kudrow Doesn’t Watch Reruns Of ‘Friends’

Lisa Kudrow became a household name after starring in Friends, the show that basically defined TV in the early 2000s. But the actress recently revealed that she never watches reruns!

In an interview with ET the actress recalled her favorite memory from the series, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its premiere this year. Can you believe that?

“The pilot,” she said. “I think it’s 25 years to right now since we finished the pilot and got picked up. Just how thrilling that was. We were like little puppy dogs, just climbing all over each other and playing and playing games and wanted to be together all the time. It was fun.”

However, when asked if she ever watched rerunsLisa said she didn’t “know the last time” she had tuned into an episode. “I don’t watch it if it’s on. I might not like myself, so I’d rather not risk that.”

Smart choice, we guess!

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