Brian Williams Is Reinventing Himself At NBC

The world seems to be giving Brian Williams a helping hand, following his return to the NBC upfront this week after being absent for four years.

Every year, networks hold “upfronts,” which are basically events advertisers attend to see a network’s programing for that year so they have a better idea on where to spend their dollars.

Back in 2015, the former Nightly News anchor was forced to leave when it was revealed he’d embellished stories with fictional details. However, Brian’s new MSNBC show 11th Hour With Brian Williams is a legit hit, and even beat CNN’s and Fox News’ ratings for three months straight.

According to a source at Page Six, Brian is impressing so many advertisers that he will supposedly front MSNBC’s 2020 presidential election coverage alongside Rachel Maddow. Now that’s a positive turn of events!

Good for you, Brian.

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