Wendy Williams Delivers An Impactful PSA On Substance Abuse

Our girl Wendy Williams is using her platform to advocate for treatment for substance abuse. The host recently streamed a pre-taped PSA on the issue.

In partnership with the Hunter Foundation (which she founded) and T.R.U.S.T., Wendy promoted the substance abuse hotline she co-launched a few weeks ago after she revisited her struggle with addiction.

The hotline has already received over 10,000 calls, after its launch on March 11.

According to reports, inquiries have included requests for educational materials and treatment requests for detox, rehabilitation, sober living and outpatient centers.

“10,000 calls in three weeks is remarkable!” Wendy said in a statement. “We’re doing our part by getting the word out. All it takes is one call to get on the right path. We’re here to help.”

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, call 888-5HUNTER today.

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