Olivia Jade Says Her Parents Ruined Her Life, Pushed Her To Go To College

Lori Loughlin’s influencer daughter, Olivia Jade, is pissed at her parents for “ruining her life” by allegedly scamming Olivia’s way into college.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 19-year-old is “really angry with her parents because she told them she did not want to go to college and she was pushed.”

Olivia has two million YouTube subscribers and at first tried to brush off the scandal, but became angry with her parents when her endorsement deals with Sephora, TRESemmé, and Estée Lauder were pulled due to the backlash.

“Now that her endorsement deals have fallen through she is very upset with her parents,” another source told Us Weekly. “Olivia blames her mom and dad for this scandal and for the downfall of her career.”

The source noted that Olivia did not have an interest in college, “but her parents were the ones who wanted her to get an education.”

Hmm… well she’s certainly getting an education now.

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