Andy Cohen Defends Caller After James Kennedy Mocks Them On Air

Andy Cohen isn’t about to let anyone talk smack to his fans.

On Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host stepped in after Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy mocked a caller before she could even finish her question.

The call began when the caller asked what Lisa Vanderpump thinks of James’s behavior in recent interviews on the show. But she tripped over her words near the end of her question.

That’s when James let out a loud fake snore and cut her off: “Get to the point, darling,” he said. “Get to the point.”

“Oh, sweetie,” Andy said sarcastically to James, to which James responded: “What’s the question, though?”

“You’re trash-talking in interviews but you’re being sweet in person,” Andy explained.

“Play the game or don’t play at all,” James replied. “Don’t come to L.A. if you don’t want to play chess, babe.”

“Are people in L.A. playing chess?” Andy asked sarcastically, to which Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard replied: “Do they know how to play chess?”

“I do. Look at me now, babe,” James replied, sticking his tongue out and delivering a chuckle. Really boo?

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