Police Arrive At R. Kelly’s Apartment, Fearing Girlfriends Carried Out ‘Suicide Pact’

Police were called and eventually conducted a wellness check at R. Kelly’s Trump Tower condo, fearing that his girlfriends carried out a “suicide pact.” Thankfully it proved to be a false alarm.

Authorities found it was “not a bonafide incident,” a Chicago PD spokesperson confirmed to People magazine.

In a police radio call shared online, a dispatcher received an anonymous call and can be heard telling officers that Kelly’s girlfriend Azriel Clary and “four other women, who are victims of R. Kelly are planning to carry out a suicide pact at one of the condos at Trump Tower.”

The anonymous caller, however, did not specify when the alleged suicide would take place.

According to a statement from police, “Police received a call from an out of state anonymous caller stating that people at the location were going to carry out a suicide pact. Police on scene conducted a wellness check and it is not a bonafide incident.”

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