Hollywood Holler Will Be On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Next Week — Get Ready

Hollywood Holler senior editor, Nikki Boyer, will be hitting the table at The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday and Wednesday next week — February 19 and 20. And things are about to get LIT!

As we all know, Wendy has been on an extended hiatus from the show to take care of her physical health. Since she’s been gone, the show has recruited some of pop culture’s most fabulous experts to step in and keep the couch warm for when our girl Wendy returns.

Thankfully, Hollywood Holler is here to spill the tea. Don’t forget to stay tuned next week. So much to talk about!

Check out Nikki’s adventures from the last time she visited the set:

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This beauty took great care of me today! Thanks Nani! ❤

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