People Are Blaming Wendy Williams’s Husband For Show Drama & Downfall

Wendy Williams has been absent from her show since last December, after appearing jittery on the groundbreaking talk show and later apologizing for a “less than stellar” performance, blaming pain medication for a fractured shoulder and complications from Graves’ disease. 

Now, sources close to the host told The Post that Wendy has been acting erratically at work for the last few years — with behavior worsening in recent months. A frequent guest told the paper that, while on the show last year, “Producers . . . told me, ‘You carry the segment’” — implying that Wendy couldn’t do so on her own and that she was “a ­little out of sorts.” 

As Page Six points out, Radar Online published photos of the host in South Florida. Her team said that she’s in long-term hospitalization from the recent injuries, but sources say Wendy has been hiding years of secrets for more than a decade — including emotional and physical abuse by her husband and manager, Kevin Hunter.

One former producer who worked on the program around the 2014/2015 season said that Thursdays were particularly worrisome.

“On those days we would tape one show live, and then there’d be a break and we would tape another show to air on Friday,” the former producer said. “Sometimes [Wendy] would be in her dressing room, doing whatever she does between shows, and her behavior for the second show would seem erratic. It started happening more and more frequently . . . trailing off mid-sentence, not finishing her thoughts.”

“There were times when you would be briefing her . . . and you would say, ‘What’s going on with her? She’s not present,’” a longtime staffer added. Then, in 2017, she fainted during a Halloween show and blamed it on dehydration. 

“Wendy does everything really hard,” a former employee of Wendy’s former national radio show said to Page Six. “If she’s drinking, it’s bottles and bottles.” A former intern at the radio also said that part of their duties in 2008 included buying the host bottles of Champagne and wine, which they had to sneak into the studio with a corkscrew in his back pocket so that Kevin, 47, wouldn’t know his wife was drinking.

“She would hide in the bathroom and tell me to knock on the door when he left the office so she wouldn’t have to see him,” said the intern, who added that it was common for Kevin to pull Wendy into a private room and for staff to hear them fighting. “You’d hear slaps or some type of tussling going on.”

At one point, the intern who’d been promised a job on the TV show, remembered, “[Kevin] started screaming at all the interns and said, ‘Everybody’s fired, everybody go home.’ I [went] to Wendy and I said, ‘Your husband just told me to go home,’ and she said, ‘Well, it is what it is.’”

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