Charlie Sheen Will Do A ‘Two And A Half Men’ Revival For ‘Closure’

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Charlie Sheen recently opened up to Us Weekly that even though his character was killed off, he’s still on board to do a Two and a Half Men revival. 

“I would do it today,” he said, adding that fans are on board too. “Just what I hear in the street, how much people would embrace that… [but] I haven’t been in touch with anybody [from the show].”

“It’d be cool to finish the saga on a different note,” he added. “It would be nice to have some closure there and just finish the story as it should have been told. It doesn’t really matter what happened at the end, how they got rated on the show. I think if I just walk through the door, return, whatever [and] say, ‘Alan, you’re not going to believe it,’ after that is what happened.”

Charlie was reportedly paid $1.8 million an episode before getting fired. He explained to Us Weekly that a revival “would burn the world down.”

As for his relationship with the show’s creator Chuck Lorre: “I sent a letter to Chuck saying, ‘Hey, congrats on all the stuff you’re doing. I’m doing great and here’s my number.’ … There’s goodwill out there.” 

Would you be down for a revival?

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