WATCH: Super Bowl Reunites Coach With First Responders Who Saved His Life

San Diego Chargers head coach, Anthony Lynn, nearly died in an accident some 14 years ago. In an emotional commercial, he reunited on camera with the first responders who helped save his life.

The reunion aired during the Super Bowl, and is part of a campaign from Verizon to highlight those who race in to help when a 911 call goes out.

The campaign, “The Team Wouldn’t Be Here,” showcased 12 NFL stars who were saved by first responders. The group includes 11 players and one coach, Anthony.

Skyla Bosco, a paramedic who arrived on scene shortly after Anthony’s accident, said to People magazine: “He didn’t realize we were there… It was really emotional. He broke down. We were all trying not to cry.”

In 2005, Anthony worked on the coaching staff for the Dallas Cowboys football team. On October 20, he went out to dinner following a training camp session in Ventura, Calif. Then afterward, while he walked across the street, a speeding car with a drunk driver at the wheel came barreling at him.

Anthony flew 45-50 feet into the air, and crashed headfirst into a parked car where he then fell to the ground with two collapsed lungs, three broken ribs, and major facial and shoulder damage. He was choking on his own blood.

When the first responders arrived, they didn’t know whether Anthony would live. But thankfully he did — and is now telling the tale.

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