The LeBron James and Michael Jordan Feud Continues

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have had a long-heated rivalry over who is the greatest of all time. 

Last year, it was pulled into clear focus when Michael refused LeBron’s request to use video of His Airness for a documentary, which LeBron executive produced with Maverick Carter, sources told Page Six. Without the footage, the film about the 1984 NBA draft had to be changed. 

Apparently, the footage debacle was the reason why LeBron said last month that winning the 2016 NBA championship for Cleveland made him “the greatest of all time.” 

“LeBron was pissed at Michael Jordan — that’s why he lashed out,” a source said. “They hate each other — these two camps.”

Another source confirmed, “LeBron’s people wanted an extensive amount of footage of Michael, and the league said, ‘You have to ask Michael.’ And his people said ‘no.’”

On the other hand, Michael is also producing his own 10-part documentary on his basketball career — totaling six championships — using wall-to-wall video that NBA Entertainment recorded during 1997-1998, his final season on the Chicago Bulls.


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