Wanna Live A Plant-Based Lifestyle Like Tom Brady? Here’s How

Tom Brady is taking health very seriously leading up to the Super Bowl, launching a new product called TB12, a Plant-Based Protein Powder. 

According to the product’s press release, it “shakes up the protein game as a great-tasting and sustainable plant-based protein made from peas.” 

The little green veggies were chosen as the backbone of the New England Patriots quarterback’s protein venture because they are packed with lysine – an essential amino acid that is a key to muscle recovery – and arginine, a semi-essential amino acid that promotes healing and blood flow,” according to the release.

“This balanced amino acid profile provides your body with the daily protein that it needs to support your lifestyle while promoting muscle recovery and growth,” the release explains. The healthy item can be mixed with water or incorporated into a smoothie for a “protein-packed punch postgame.”

The protein powder comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, and each serving boasts an impressive 24 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar.

Who’s down for a scoop? Learn more HERE.

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