Dax Shepard Wasn’t Certain He Wanted To Be With Kristen Bell At First, He Says

Even the most in love couples have had doubts early in their relationship. That includes Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell! 

During a sit-down interview with Off Camera with Sam Jones, Dax discussed the early days of the pair’s relationship and why he ultimately “chose to move more in her direction” after observing the positive ways that she lived life.

“I have this very weird mix of not thinking I’m good looking, general low self-esteem, chip on my shoulder that I’m dumb because I was dyslexic, all these things, yet, unbridled arrogance in relationships,” he stated. “I’ve always been that way, I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve always felt very confident in relationships.”

“So I never, ever was like, ‘Oh, I hope I can keep Kristen,’” he explained. “I was going, ‘Do I want to be with a Christian, who has eight people living in her house for free? Who has to get out of a car when there’s a dog that doesn’t have a leash and ruin her whole day to rescue this dog? … That’s great and she’s good, but that’s not what I wanna do, I’m not that good, I don’t want to spend my day finding the owner of a dog.’” 

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