WATCH: The Actual Live Version of ‘Rent’ That Fox Didn’t Air

If you watched Fox’s Rent: Live last night, you definitely noticed that most of the show was pre-taped — i.e. not live at all! 

Brennin Hunt, who played Roger, broke his foot during Saturday’s dress rehearsal performance and Fox made the decision to swap most of the would’ve-been live production for that taped show, but the cast of Rent performed the show live anyhow — even though most of the set and much of the choreography was stripped down to accommodate his wheelchair. (Yes, we said wheelchair) 

Now that there is footage, it’s interesting to watch audience clips from the slightly improvised wheelchair-adapted version. Roger in a wheelchair could’ve made for a really impressive, moving show! 

Not to mention, maybe the camera would’ve been forced to stop moving for a few dang seconds. We had a headache midway through last night!

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