Carol Kane Doesn’t Want A ‘Princess Bride’ Remake

Most people can tell you their favorite moment from the cult classic The Princess Bride. And for the most part, Carol Kane is likely to be included among them! 

In the 1987 film, Carol played Valerie, the wife of Miracle Max, who was portrayed by Billy Crystal. But while Hollywood is seeing a trend of remakes, the actress is sticking to her guns that The Princess Bride should not follow suit.

“I don’t think a movie remake [would work] because I think it’s perfect,” she told Page Six at The Paley Media Center this week. “I would gather that Rob Reiner [the movie’s director] would say the same and everybody in it would say the same.”

She added, “I think that I cannot imagine them doing a remake although now they’re doing remakes of just about everything. But why re-make something that’s perfect the first time around? That’s what I think.”

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