Anna Wintour Gives Her Say On Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle’s dress received much debate, with some saying it wasn’t fitted correctly and others saying it did. But now, the Queen of all things fashion Anna Wintour has intervened. And she approves! 

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was asked in a new video series called “Go Ask Anna” for her thoughts on a variety of topics including the wedding dress. 

One fan asked, “Anna, I’m dying to know what you think of Meghan Markle,” to which she responded: “I read somewhere that there were members of the royal household that were confused and upset that she woke up so early at 5 a.m. She’s a normal, California girl — gets up early and does yoga and meditates and also sent a lot of text messages,” she said. “I mean, what do they expect? She was going to send messages by pigeon?”

Then she added: “I think she’s amazing and the royal wedding had the whole world watching and I think that her choice was brilliant. It was sophisticated. It was chic. It was grown-up. It was an English designer, albeit one that was working for a French house, which in a way was a message to the world: Yes, I’m from somewhere else, but I belong.”

“The fact that she chose to walk down the aisle by herself, I also thought spoke for an independent woman,” Anna explained. “I think the picture of the Duchess of Sussex’s mother [Doria Ragland] at the chapel at the wedding was so inspiring to so many women, men all over the world.” 

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