Gayle King Could Very Well Be Staying With CBS

The climate at CBS might be changing toward a better direction. According to staffers, the hiring of Susan Zirinsky as CBS News’s president may have solidified Gayle King’s position. 

According to Page Six, in her newsroom speech on Monday following the announcement that she’ll replace David Rhodes, ­Susan implored the staff, “Come with me, and help make CBS the greatest it’s ever been.”

That’s when Gayle was heard screaming, “I’ll come with you!’” 

Apparently, that’s big news for staff, who were preparing to see one of the most recognizable faces on the network walk out the door: “Last week, 99 percent of the staff would have told you that Gayle is leaving.” 

And it wasn’t just Gayle. Her co-anchors Norah O’Donnell and John Dickerson were also ready to walk, following the exits of Charlie Rose and Les Moonves. 

Never leave, Gayle!

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