Racy Texts From Jeff Bezos To TV Anchor Lauren Sanchez Are Released

According to sources at The Post, former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez was texting all about her relationship with Amazon chief Jeff Bezos to friends for a while.

Racy text messages between the pair were published this week by the National Enquirer, raising questions on who exactly leaked them to the press. Sources say Lauren sent the sexts to a friend to show off about her relationship with the world’s richest man — and then the pal perhaps sold the texts to the Enquirer.

“Lauren’s over the moon [about their relationship],” said a source. Jeff and his wife recently announced that they are getting divorced, so it’s clear that his relationship with Lauren happened while he was married.

Another source said they’ve seen nude photos of Jeff from his text exchanges with Lauren, implying that the Amazon founder holds quite the package. (“He’s big,” said the insider.) 

Apparently, folks at the Enquirer dubbed the expose as “Project Alexa.”

One staffer pointed out, “Only four editorial people knew of Project Alexa… We followed [Jeff and Lauren’s] every move. They had no idea — which is kinda ironic given [Jeff] had his own private security with him all along.”

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