Olivia Newton-John Is Healing From Cancer Treatments With Cannabis

Olivia Newton-John is recuperating from stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to her back, and has recently reassured fans that she’s healing beautifully, despite rumors that she was on her deathbed.

A source told People magazine that while those “absurd” reports “scared” her family and friends, she is indeed “doing great” and recuperating from her cancer treatments. 

The singer and actress is a proponent of pairing traditional medicine with holistic wellness methods, and has long credited the use of herbs and cannabis with feeling her best.

“That’s a major part of her treatment and recovery,” the source added. “A lot of the reason she’s looking and feeling so great has to do with the holistic stuff she’s doing. She has always been about healing the body, mind and spirit.”

After finishing a recent series of medical treatments in California, the source says Olivia “took a couple of months off to get herself back to strength” and adds that “she’s going to constantly be going through treatments, but she’s doing well.”

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