John Legend Had To Explain This Harvey Weinstein Photo

John Legend recently spoke against R. Kelly in Lifetime’s latest series, Surviving R. Kelly, which chronicles women’s allegations that the singer sexually assaulted and abused them. 

Since John’s proclamation against R. Kelly, he’s been forced to explain a photo he took with disgraced movie mogul (and sexual predator) Harvey Weinstein at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016.   

“I took a photo with and worked with Harvey on several occasions before his abuse was known to me and the rest of the world,” he explained. “Since his being exposed, his company and career have rightfully been destroyed and he’s been indicted. Sounds like something that should happen to R Kelly.”

He added, “If y’all wanna cape for R and discount all these women’s stories, just say it. Don’t bring up some old pics of me and somebody else.” 

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