Michelle Yeoh Wore The Ring From ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ To The Golden Globes!

For those of you who are as obsessed with Crazy Rich Asians as we are, you’d remember that fabulous green ring Michelle Yeoh’s character wears. 

Well now she brought it to the red carpet! 

The actress arrived on the red carpet wearing a green leather gown. Of course, she showed off the giant emerald engagement ring. Though the ring matched her dress perfectly, she told reporters on the red carpet that it was a happy coincidence. 

“No, she did not design this green gown around it,” Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman tweeted. She also said she didn’t borrow from the film’s wardrobe department! 

“Michelle wears a lot of her own jewelry in the movie — she has a pretty extensive collection!” the film’s costume designer Mary Vogt told Page Six Style. “In fact, that emerald engagement ring was actually Michelle’s. She brought that in and was like, ‘Will this work?’ [Laughs].

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