Donald Trump Jr. Is Being Called Transphobic On Instagram

Not that this would surprise you, but Donald Trump Jr. posted something a bit transphobic on Instagram and now people are coming after him.

Donald Jr. posted a meme showing a person with bright blue hair, blue lipstick, and red fingernails. Standing on the street, the subject wears a furry coat dress, large boots and a designer handbag. The meme read, “No no, don’t tell me let me guess…Trump is not your president?”

He captioned the meme with, “I’ll take that bet all day long.” 

When people started asking him if he’s against LGBT people, he later commented: “No, not at all and you can find plenty of evidence against that.” He then asked what was “homophobic about this post?”

“Are you implying this person has to be LGBT without any knowledge? I guess you’re the one hiding your beliefs,” he added.

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