Don Lemon Has An Emotional Message For Kevin Hart

Don Lemon had some words for Kevin Hart after Kevin’s recent appearance on The Ellen Show. 

In an emotional segment on CNN Tonight, Don shared his thoughts on the uproar surrounding Kevin and the Oscars: “We have to stop low-key co-signing homophobia. It’s not cool. We won’t tolerate jokes that do otherwise,” he said. 

“Walking away right now, that is your choice, but many of us need to keep the conversation going,” he added. “It’s life or death. Someone like Kevin Hart can be a leader — the ultimate change agent — he can help change homophobia in the black community.”

Don was speaking of the interview Kevin recently gave to Ellen, during which the host defended his position and suggested he has apologized enough for the anti-gay tweets that caused mass controversy and resulted in him stepping down from the hosting role.

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