Kathy Griffin Says CNN Cut Her Salary When She Asked For A Raise

Kathy Griffin doesn’t give a f*ck anymore. She recently went on a 2,000-word tweet to reveal that CNN literally cut her salary by 30 percent when she simply asked for a raise. 

“I worked my way up by the tenth year at CNN to get a fee of $150,000. By the way, just as a point of reference, Anderson Cooper regularly bragged for years that his annual CNN contract was $10 million a year,” she wrote.

“The first two years I appeared on CNN, it didn’t even occur to me to ask for a salary. The eighth year when I asked Jeff Zucker for a raise, he was so angry he docked me 30 percent. I’m sorry to say I took the pay cut because I truly enjoyed making you all laugh.” 

The comedian was publicly booted by CNN’s New Years Eve coverage after posing for a photo with a prop of President Trump’s decapitated head. She was replaced by Andy Cohen, who returned for his second stint as co-host this year.

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