Natalie Portman Has No ‘Beef’ With Jessica Simpson

People have focused on Natalie Portman the last couple weeks after she spoke on Jessica Simpson’s old bikini pics, telling USA Today in an interview: 

“I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying ‘I’m a virgin’ while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don’t know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl.”

Many critics thought that Natalie’s comments were inappropriate and on the verge of body-shaming girls with bustier sizes than others. Natalie later came back to apologize, saying her comments were criticizing the media’s worship of those bodies rather than blaming Jessica herself. 

Now, she’s reaffirmed her stance with Jessica on an episode of Watch What Happens Live!

“I have only respect and good feelings for her,” the Oscar-winner said, adding, “I think there’s no need for beef between women. We’re all in the same society and living with the same pressures, and we’re allies.” 

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