Guess What Julia Roberts Loves To Make For Christmas Dinner

Julia Roberts makes everyone feel like Christmas inside — she’s just like that! But apparently the Hollywood icon and star of the upcoming Homecoming knows how to celebrate the festive holiday, too, with full on sausage balls!

“God, what would it be… I consider myself a rather good gift giver, but I couldn’t say. Something I made probably,” she answered when asked about the best gift she’d ever given on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio. 

Then the conversation turned to the regimented strategy of the dreaded… Christmas morning.

“I do enjoy the practical challenge of Christmas morning mealtime because you don’t want too much, you don’t want to spoil them off the bat,” the mother of three said of her kids, which she shares with husband Danny Moder. “You want to keep a steady blood level going where you don’t get crazy before the big meal.”

She added that she makes her family “biscuits and sausage balls or something like that” and “some fruit, of course.”

Um… we’re going to Julia’s house.

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