Ellie Kemper Remembers When The Whole ‘Bridesmaids’ Set Smelled Like Tuna!

Sometimes you just gotta have a tuna sandwich! But for Ellie Kemper, we’re sure it’ll be a while before she puts in that order. 

The actress recently shared a story at a 92nd Street Y Q&A, revealing that it took days to shoot the memorable airplane scene and that “someone ordered a tuna fish sandwich early on, and I don’t think it ever left the set . . . I don’t know if someone put it in the seat holder? Or . . . the pocket holder? I don’t know, but it was tuna. It was really warm in there.”

She later called the day a “tuna fish sauna!” while adding that “Melissa McCarthy was improvising. Kristen Wiig was improvising. If you look closely — now this is like the greatest gossip you’ll get — you can see Rose [Byrne] laughing! Sounds corny, but it was like front-row seats to the greatest show on the planet.”

Yes, we agree! Let’s see if we notice if for ourselves:

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