Michael Sheen Says Political Activism Led He And Sarah Silverman To Break Up

Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman were together for four years before announcing they’d split in February, later revealing they’d been broken up since last Christmas. Now, the actor is revealing reasons as to why. 

“We both had very similar drives, and yet to act on those drives pulled us in different directions — because she is American and I’m Welsh,” he explained to The Telegraph. He also noted that Brexit and the 2016 American presidential election happening back-to-back lead them both to become more politically active.

“That led to her doing her show, I Love America, and it led to me wanting to address the issues that I thought led some people to vote the way they did about Brexit, in the area I come from and others like it,” he said. “I felt a responsibility to do something.”

Ultimately, that caused them both to live separate lives in separate countries.

“It did mean coming back here,” he pointed out, “which was difficult for us, because we were very important to each other. But we both acknowledge that each of us had to do what we needed to do.”


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