Actress Says Les Moonves Forced Her To Give Him Oral Sex

Former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, has been accused of numerous crimes against women, which resulted in the network firing him earlier this year. Now another actress has come out to say that Les forced her to perform oral sex on him. And she wants $15 million in damages. 

In 1995, Bobbie Phillips, then 25, told the New York Times that she went to his office at the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank at the direction of her manager, who told her that Les — who’d just launched the hit TV shows Friends and E.R. — could make her a star.

During the meeting, Bobbie claims Les (who was then president of Warner Bros. Television) promised to arrange a meeting for her with the E.R. casting director. When she later turned back to face him, she said, he’d dropped his trousers to expose his erect penis: “Look how hard you make me,” he reportedly said.

Bobbie said he allegedly also said, “Be my girlfriend and I’ll put you on any show.” She told The Times that he then grabbed her by the neck, pushed her to her knees and forced his penis into her mouth. 

Apparently, Les confided in Bobbie’s manager, Marv Dauer, to stay silent. In fact, Les told Marv in April, “If Bobbie talks, I’m finished.”

Les asked Marv to delete their text messages, but the manager never did. Now, Bobbie’s lawyer is seeking $15 million in damages. In a statement to the Times, Les said, “I strongly believe that the sexual encounter with Ms. Phillips more than 20 years ago was consensual.”


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