Online Gamer Who Allegedly Overheard A Player Raping A Teen Girl Leads Police To Arrest


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According to police, a gamer who was playing Grand Theft Auto on PS4 overheard a fellow player in the online session allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in Florida. The suspect, Daniel Enrique, was later arrested. 

BuzzFeed News reports that Daniel had been previously arrested and charged with the same felony count for allegedly raping another 15-year-old girl at his house, just three weeks before the second alleged rape occurred. 

The gamer who heard the rape told police that on June 28, he was playing the online game with Daniel through his PS4 console while the victim was in Daniel’s house, according to an affidavit. While chatting during the game, Daniel told him that he was going to “smash” the girl at his house, which the witness took to mean having sex.

Reportedly, Daniel stopped playing the game with the witness for around 15 minutes, but left his headset microphone on during that time. The witness alleged he heard the victim “moan and groan.” He told investigators that he also heard the victim say “no.”

Read more of this chilling story at BuzzFeed. 

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

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