White Influencer Denies Pretending She Was Black to Get Followers

A Swedish model is under fire after people accused her of pretending to be black in order to gain followers. Now, 19-year-old Emma Hallberg is trying to set the record straight.

Emma became popular on Instagram for her impressive makeup looks and trendy outfits. But, due to her deep complexion and curly hair, people assumed she was either Black or mixed race. But a few weeks ago, a photo surfaced on the internet that showed her with much lighter skin and completely straight hair.

That’s when the Twitter hate began, accusing Emma of blackface — among other things.

Emma addressed her race directly when messaged by a fan: “Yes I’m white and I’ve never claimed to be anything else. And by no way, there are no ‘before’ pictures, the pictures that has been spread are just two diefferent [sic] pictures taken on two different seasons of the year.”

Then, she gave an explanation on her Instagram stories: “You’ve probably seen these two pictures besides [sic] each other all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, where they are called the ‘before & after,’” she wrote. “The left picture was taken 2 years ago right before summer with barely any makeup and my hair straightened.”

“The right picture was taken in July right after I came home from a vacation, with makeup,” Emma continued.

No doubt, she’ll continue an apology tour for weeks to come.

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