WATCH: Sarah Silverman’s ‘Disney Princess Song’ From Ralph Breaks the Internet

Sarah Silverman is incredible in Ralph Breaks the Internet. So much so that she has her own song, which features beautifully drawn choreography that rivals other iconic Disney musical scenes. 

In “A Place Called Slaughter Race,” a balletic tune written by Alan Menken with lyrics by co-director Phil Johnston and music producer Tom MacDougall, Sarah’s character Vanellope uses her moment to realize her underlying dreams. The honor of singing an Alan Menken song isn’t missed by the comedian. 

“Thinking about it, it’s just crazy. A full-on Disney princess song, written by Alan Menken, recorded with a whole orchestra. It’s crazy!” Sarah gushed to Entertainment Weekly. “I just love that [the princesses] teach her about how every princess must have a song that expresses her quest, and when she finds the place that inspires that, the song ensues and it’s simultaneously very Disney and very different from Disney.”

Watch below:

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