Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Working With Meghan Markle On ‘Deal or No Deal’

Chrissy Teigen and Meghan Markle worked together as suitcase girls on the hit game show Deal or No Deal, and now the supermodel is revealing what it was like working with the Duchess of Sussex way back when. 

“I was on Deal or No Deal with her and she was lovely,” Chrissy said to The Telegraph. “Now everyone asks me what she was like and I say, ‘Sorry, no dirt.’ She’s gorgeous.”

Chrissy also spoke about Meghan’s cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook: I love the freshness she brings, and her cookbook Together is my only pre-order of the year. It’s beautifully done and you can tell how important it is to her. You see how she interacts with people and gets down to eye level with kids.”

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